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November 21, 2010
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American Gothic by mirz-alt American Gothic by mirz-alt
***Re-uploading this. The original was not quite pillow-shaded, but certainly moreso than not. So, I updated the shading mostly on Gomez, but tweaked Morticia as well. Also tweaked Gomez's hand--which isn't perfect by much better. Much happier with it now. I should really use this as my Halloween decoration on my main account. ***

This is one of my entries for ~ifiknowtrees's doll contest. The goal is to take a famous painting and make a doll version. Now, you can make it traditionally, or you can be creative and do something else--as long as the final product can be recognized as the original piece.

Well, I did a very traditional piece which I am going to upload separately. I also wanted to do one "thinking out of the box." I chose Grant Wood's "American Gothic" because it's so iconic. It also shows how the word "gothic" has evolved over time. First, I thought to do a couple of goth teens. Then I considered (no surprise) a vampire couple. But, neither of those felt right. Then I thought of the original goth couple--Gomez and Morticia Addams!

Even though I had a bit of a trouble with the hair, Morticia was the easiest. I decided to base Gomez more off the John Aston version (though I love Raul Julia in the movies). I looked at so many pictures of Aston. I tried to make the doll look mostly like him, but still a bit original. Also, I should note, Gomez normally wears a pin-striped suit--though not all the time. Anyhow, because of the pitch-fork in front of him, pinstripes were totally lost and confused the piece. I will probably release a version of just Morticia and Gomez and have the pinstripes in that one.

The house in the background is actually a gothic mansion I pixelled months ago. It was heavily inspired by the Addams family mansion and the IRL funeral home that my sister used to work at. I will be uploading the house separate if anyone wants to see the detail. The mansion piece was never finished, so I went ahead and did that--and it took me as long to do that as both dolls together!

Either way, I am so proud of this piece. It was oodles of fun and I think it turned out just right.

Bases by: Silindor / `lithriel. Heavily edited both body and facewise by me.

Comparison pic of my doll version and the original piece in my Scraps. [link]

**Adoptable, but you must put a link back to this page.****

"American Gothic" painting by Grant Wood.

Legal Disclaimer: The Addams family, characters, indicia and designs are MGM Home Entertainment & Paramount Pictures. I'm no way affiliated with or endorsed by them. The images used here are created in a fan-art/parody capacity.
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mouldyCat Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
very cool idea! :D and i love the house in the background, great job!
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013   General Artist
ravenfire-1 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cute! Great concept :)
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012   General Artist
Thank you so much. :hug:
WingDiamond Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011   General Artist
Thankie! <3
Mauser7 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
YES! The Addams family! I loved the movies and the tv show. I HAVE to watch that every Halloween.
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011   General Artist
I haven't watched it in a few years. I should this Halloween. :D
JimmyDimples Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Now I've got a mental cartoon of Gomez and Morticia fencing with pitchforks. :crazy:
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011   General Artist
:giggle: Too funny.
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