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It is All Relative
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Welcome to my page!

:iconmirz123: This is the alternate account of Mirz123. You can expect to see a lot of varied art here, such as literature, web-design, and traditional art. You'll see alternate pixelling such as digital dolls and some edgy stamps and emotes. This account is also where I publish episodes of my fiction serial, "Relativity." Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the art.

Edit: In January 2013, I received seniority status on this account, apparently for my work in the community and promoting others art. It's a great honor to be "double ticked" and I thank everyone for their support.
Updated my profile page. Serious work begun on tacking my to-do list.

Emoticon News 

3 deviants said Back to Business:bulletblue: At long last I feel I'm at a point where I can get back involved in the community again. As many of you know, my mother passed away 6 months ago and it was a huge loss; she lived with me for the past 17 years and helped raise my children. I still feel her loss deeply, and recently have been struggling with it again. But time does heal and I feel better. Also, I was dealing with some major health problems which have abated. I'm still not "well" but I'm much better and want to jump back in.
:bulletblue: I've done a bit of a revamp to my profile page. A big thanks to SimplySilent for the code, and to Ravenswd for shaping it into what I wanted.  My page is much tidier and it's much easier to find things. I've also added a special "Around Town..." box. This is for YOU. I want to pimp out events and other things. As much as I'm getting back into the community, I will admit my focus will more limited -- having less time these days, I need to focus specifically on c
1 deviant said Better Late than NaNano - VPNaNoEmoThe fun begins August 1st!!
Last year we ran a special NaNoEmo in June.  It was solely for Visual Purpose Emoticons. What does that mean? It means emoticons that are created to look at, not for use in chats or comments. Basically, pretty emoticon pictures. However, visual emotes can also include useful things like icons, stamps, etc. The key is that care is taken to create an emoticon "scene", usually with a detailed background.
I am gonna defer to the journal written last year by Synfull. It outlines what the challenge is about and how to participate. The good thing about VP NaNoEmo is that the goal is not one-a-day, but one-a-week, and smaller emote scenes (like avatars) count. So, get boned up, and if you're ready to participate, sign up.
Note that I know we're 2 months late, and notice of this is really last minute. My apologies. However, NaNo has always been a big motivator in the emoticon community and I hope it inspires a few old-timers, and newcomers, t


RELATIVITY is a comic fiction serial. Based around "Team Torrent" a group of 4 superheroes who defend Gale City. The difference between this series and most superhero works is that it focuses primarily on the people behind the mask. It follows their lives and how they juggle day to day living while donning a costume to fight crime at night.

Check out the dA group -- RelativityComic

Current Relativity - Episode 28

CANDY CORN -- In Gale City, Halloween is more trick than treat. One of the busiest crime nights of the year, Team Torrent readies themselves for a tense evening. When things end up calmer than normal, suspicions arise, particularly when one of their own goes missing. With a mob costume party in full swing, and a mysterious duo travelling the streets in search of costumed crimefighters, the heroes must figure out if things are as quiet as they seem, or if there is something bigger on the horizon. -- Click to Read

Featured Art

Perfuma from She-ra Commission by Maryneim


Michael and Sara by Sayara-S by mirz-alt


Comic Stuffs

Bitmap World - Click to Read the Latest Issue:

FAN OF BITMAP WORLD? A member of deviantART? Be sure to check out (or better yet join) our fan club Group!


Book 4 is here.

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 7:03 PM
Relativity Book 4: Love and Politics by mirz-alt

Honestly, I'm sure I've talked too much about this already, and to avoid boring you, I'll let the book speak for itself. :D You can click on the amazing cover above (created by FranciscoETCHART) to read/download on deviantArt. Or you can visit the site for more download options, as well as learn about some exciting new stuff on the site.

Thank you for all of your support. :heart:

Journal skin by Ravenswd

Helpful Lit Things

Since I'm no expert, I try to learn new things and find handy resources to help me in my writing. I like to share some of my best-finds in the hopes they will help you, too.

Writer Resources and MoreWhen poking around for stuff on my own, I sometimes come across things I think other writers may find useful. While it's fine to tweet and write polls about them, I figure it would be more helpful if I started a journal and kept a running list. Would help me to keep track of them, too. I'll update this when I find new  things.
:bulletblack: Peeking in with a quick quote...
“If you’re a writer, your first duty, a duty you owe to yourself and your readers, and to your writing itself, is to become wonderful. To become the best writer you can possibly be.” ~ Theodora Goss
You need to keep learning, growing. You need to learn how to do it well. A well written story is kick-ass, no matter how you look at it.
:bulletblack: As a bit of a follow-up to the Cheat-Sheet I linked below. This is a great articles that talk about the usage of body language and facial expressions, as well as their over-use. It's a great companion to the other piece as it g
Resources, Sites and StuffHere is a collection of bits and pieces I have found that may prove useful for writers. Some are links to website, some memes and graphics, other miscellaneous stuff.
Memes, Graphics & More

Helpful Links & Resources
:bulletwhite: Oh, Baby Names - Great resource for writers, and all around fun. Baby name sites are good for coming up with names for characters. But this site is one of the best I’ve found, offering a plethora of historical information and meaning for each name. An awesome find worth a look and bookmark.
:bulletwhite: English History Authors Blog - If you are writing historical fiction, this blog is worth a look. Nice articles on writing the genre, as well as facts about the period to make your writing more believable.

My Article Series


The Literary Compass is an article series featuring novels and fictions series with a dA base. Volume 15 takes us to the urban-fantasy world of Al Senia, featured in the novel, "Al Senia: The Last Crystal" written by Justus Manglius (justMANGO).

My News Features focus primarily on showcasing the works of various artists around deviantART. On this account, I feature more thematic articles, focusing on more niche genres. Here are some of my recent articles:

Artists of Relativity - Vol. 14A monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.
This issue: :iconjen-and-kris:
:bulletblack: Relativity Art

:bulletblack: Other Art by jen-and-kris

    Freya's Falcon necklace by jen-and-kris
Juration. by jen-and-kris :thumb373
Are You Super? - Vol. 11 (Super Issue)A news series which will feature superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.
:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital
Commission- Major Glory by blaneblue Lady Lawful: Magic Trick by Yes-I-DiD Lady Matina by Raphaella Prism commission by shamserg Evil Supergirl by Spacecowboytv Princess Donna Troy by SebbyWhite Sleep Tight by redlacedbird Namor the Submariner PSC card by JonHughes Captain America by jasric Winter Soldier by TheBabman Thor the Norse God - stage 4 by m0zch0ps Flame In The Rain by SirTiefling Powered Omega by ArTGutierrez 3D Green Goblin by TargetView Wannabe Pixel ID by DaleNorvell Mary Jane by LazerBat Don't make her angry... by Fahu Loki by Dascia The Batman! by Firebrander diva,fuji,hellstrike by earache-J Logan by Yenga Jason Todd aka Red Hood by kola411 'Wanna know how I got these scars?' by NurseRozetta95 Run Batwoman, Run! by AviKishundat  Super Treats by NaBHaN Armed n' Dangerous by Altalamatox Avengers Gowns: Coulson, Fury, and Hill by kelseymichele Blue Lotus Character Poses by DESPOP Big Bang Theory by HeroforPain Ironman by fruitpunchsamurai89
:bulletwhite: Cosplay
Hear Me Roar by Rei-Doll Power Girl 2 by GraceyDarling Eye of the Storm by kidremington The Incredibles... and Edna by eatsleepbroadway Nightwing Cosplay 001 by Joekerr66 :thumb2965



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