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Welcome to my page!

:iconmirz123: This is the alternate account of Mirz123. You can expect to see a lot of varied art here, such as literature, web-design, and traditional art. You'll see alternate pixelling such as digital dolls and some edgy stamps and emotes. This account is also where I publish episodes of my fiction serial, "Relativity." Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the art.

My Universes

RELATIVITY is a character drama that centers around a team of superheroes who operate in the fictional Gale City. The focus of the series, however, is the people behind the mask, and how they juggle work, life and love while donning a mask at night. While essentially a prose-comicbook series, Relativity is also firmly planted in the speculative-mystery genre as the team investigates and solves various crimes, while also contending with a menagerie of strange and interesting villains.

THE CHASERS UNIVERSE is a series of science-fiction novels currently in development. The Mulvahrien Galaxy is home to countless races and planets. It is governed by the Chasers Collective, and headed by the Monarch, a member of one of the 17 ruling families. However, all is not as peaceful and serene as it seems. As inequities grow between the classes, age-old laws are re-examined, and citizen begin to fight for change. But the Collective will not be so easily deterred...

BITMAP WORLD is the first and longest-running emoticomic on the internet. It follows the life and adventures of the Pixels, a family of smilies living on the server. Family, friendship, work, computers, online gaming, and ding-dong-ditch are all explored and poked-fun-at in this humor strip.

Current Relativity - Episode 38

WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE -- While the city considers a gambling referendum, things get tense as the mob ups the ante, making their presence known to secure a positive vote. Michael continues to busy himself with extra-curricular activities, leaving the rest of the team to pick up the slack. Unfortunately, things get complicated when one of his former loves decides not to be so easily deterred. When drama that was thought dead rears its ugly head, it's up to the secondary heroes to save the day. But can they? -- Click to Read

To-Do Update

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 9:18 AM

Because I know people are waiting for their stuff (I've seen a few of you peeking in on my page for a status), I thought I would post a quick update:

* I am working diligently on my front page list. However, I have  just finished sketching ALL of the remaining portraits and pixel pieces. Though I try to work in order, sometimes inspiration hits from the side, or I end up working on 4-5 pieces at a time to avoid burn-out. So, the bottom line is that you may end up getting your piece sooner, even if it's not on the front-page list. That said, with literally everything in my WIP folder now, I feel good I can push to get them done soon.

* I work a normal 9-5 job. However, last week was brutal. I was getting home at 10-11 every night. Needless to say, my plans to upload the newest Relativity went out the window. I'm off today for the 4th holiday (since it falls on a Saturday), so expect it today or tomorrow. AND the good news is that I'm 1/3 of the way done through the next story and hope to have the 1st draft this weekend. There's a good possibility, the next issue will be out late next week. Whee!

* Some of you probably already saw, VP-NaNoEmo has started. Kinda disappointed that there is so little interest, but it's been pretty clear the DA emote community is no-more. Just a few of us stray emoticonists out there. Nevertheless, I plan on participating -- and I'm considering doing 2 sets: one for this account, and one for the other. We'll see how it goes.

* Once I'm done with the to-do list, I'm probably gonna swear off doing anymore prize donations. I had hoped to run another Relativity contest, but since interest in the series seems stagnant, I'll probably skip that, too. But at least I won't feel so guilty about things. I feel terrible how long people have waited.

Happy 4th of July to my U.S. Friends.

Pixel Flower Flag by Mirz123

Happy 4th of July! 

17 deviants said I Love Fireworks Stamp by Mirz123

Current To-Do List Items

:bulletblue: Prize - Emote sign for jesterry
:bulletblue: Prize - Pixel Portrait for M0onQueen
:bulletblue: Prize - Pixel Portrait for Michelle-JP
:bulletblue: Prize - Emoticon Sign for MzyLeRouge
:bulletblue: Prize - 1st Pixel Portrait for Xzentrisch
:bulletblue: Prize - Pixel Portrait for DamonWakes
:bulletblue: Prize - Pixel Portrait for CristianaLeone


Resources & Articles

Since I'm no expert, I try to learn new things and find handy resources to help me in my writing. I like to share some of my best-finds in the hopes they will help you, too.

Writer Resources and MoreWhen poking around for stuff on my own, I sometimes come across things I think other writers may find useful. While it's fine to tweet and write polls about them, I figure it would be more helpful if I started a journal and kept a running list. Would help me to keep track of them, too. I'll update this when I find new  things.
Many people write fan-fiction. There is a budding community of authors right here on DA, who write stories based around others' worlds. While there is a lot of talk about copyright and the legality of fan-art,  fan-fiction seems much more elusive and mysterious. But it really isn't. This is a very good and informative article that explains not only the legality of fan-fiction, but your rights with respect to fan-characters (OCs who reside in the fan universe), and the legality of fan-fics of fan-fics (yes, they happen).
Resources, Sites and StuffHere is a collection of bits and pieces I have found that may prove useful for writers. Some are links to website, some memes and graphics, other miscellaneous stuff.
Memes, Graphics & More

Helpful Links & Resources
:bulletwhite: Oh, Baby Names - Great resource for writers, and all around fun. Baby name sites are good for coming up with names for characters. But this site is one of the best I’ve found, offering a plethora of historical information and meaning for each name. An awesome find worth a look and bookmark.
:bulletwhite: English History Authors Blog - If you are writing historical fiction, this blog is worth a look. Nice articles on writing the genre, as well as facts about the period to make your writing more believable.


Michael and Sara by Sayara-S by mirz-alt



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