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It is All Relative
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Welcome to my page!

:iconmirz123: This is the alternate account of Mirz123. You can expect to see a lot of varied art here, such as literature, web-design, and traditional art. You'll see alternate pixelling such as digital dolls and some edgy stamps and emotes. This account is also where I publish episodes of my fiction serial, "Relativity." Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the art.

Edit: In January 2013, I received seniority status on this account, apparently for my work in the community and promoting others art. It's a great honor to be "double ticked" and I thank everyone for their support.
Updated my profile page. Serious work begun on tacking my to-do list.


RELATIVITY is a comic fiction serial. Based around "Team Torrent" a group of 4 superheroes who defend Gale City. The difference between this series and most superhero works is that it focuses primarily on the people behind the mask. It follows their lives and how they juggle day to day living while donning a costume to fight crime at night.

Check out the dA group -- RelativityComic

Current Relativity - Episode 30

PRESSURE COOKER -- A routine crime call turns into a crisis when two of Gale’s heroes go missing. The mystery deepens when clues point to villain from Yule’s past. With the city held hostage by an enemy with a personal score to settle, a new hero must rise to the occasion. Racing against the clock, the team must try to stop the maniacal villain and rescue their teammates, before it’s too late. -- Click to Read

Featured Art

Perfuma from She-ra Commission by Maryneim


Michael and Sara by Sayara-S by mirz-alt


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Bitmap World - Click to Read the Latest Issue:

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Mini-Contest - 1 Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 4:56 AM
I was supposed to announce this a few days ago, but I had to go and say I was feeling better. I should know better. Jinxed myself into strep throat again. :grump:

That said, I am here to announced a mini contest! This one is a literature-only contest, I'm afraid. But, don't worry. The yearly Relativity contest is coming soon, so visual artists will have their chance then.

Partners by mirzjiles

This was a commission from the wonderful jen-and-kris which shows Ravenswood (dressed as Overcast) proposing to Melody (dressed as Zephyra). The challenge it to write the scene that tells what happened. Perhaps you want to explore how he proposed, or where he proposed, or what she said. The piece should be no longer than 3000 words. Poetry will be accepted, but it should be no longer than 40 lines.

:bulletwhite: Winning entry will get 500 points
:bulletwhite: If there are enough entries, a runner up will get 250 points

Compassion has been sweet enough to add 50 to the pot for the winner, so first place will get 550 points. Thank you, lovely! :heart:

Note that entering the contest grants us permission to publish your story on our website. However, you will always get credit and a link-back to your profile page. :meow:

All entries should be linked in this journal so I can keep track of them. Thumbs or regular links are fine. Judges will be me and Ravenswd. Deadline for entries is September 15th.

Good luck, everyone!


Marry MeTolkien once said there'd be one ring
One to rule them all, one ring to bind them
But I have no use for such a thing
If I could wake to see you at 3 AM
Still right here by my side
I won't need to search far and wide
Because I know you are my one, my only
I hope you'd spend your whole life with me
I hope you'll say yes
Just please say yes
I'm shaking
Scared as I go down on one knee
And you're standing here before me
Your gaze resting on the ring
The seconds trickle by
I see tears in your eyes
My dear Melody
Please say you'll marry me
They say it's win or die
When you play the game of thrones
I find it's quite the lie
When I'm here all alone
If I had a castle, you'd be my queen
You should know that I say what I mean
That smile on your face is my saving grace
The warmth of your embrace
It's the haven I seek
There's no more need to speak
You're shaking
Smiling as you look me in the eye
Saying, "I'm yours 'til the day I die"
Slip on the ring
And the world rushes past
This is a union made to

Journal skin by Ravenswd

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 3:01 AM

As part of the birthday celebration, deviants are encourage to write a journal and talk about their art journey here on dA. I tend to shy away from these types of things, but I'm sick yet again (strep throat, yuck), and I started to get nostalgic. So here's my ramblings about the 4 years I've been on this account.*

The things about my mirz-alt is that I created it to be for my OTHER stuff. I had experimented posting things other than my emoticons/pixels on my Mirz123, but my watchers didn't want to see them. They came for the emotes and stamps. While some people would argue that I should have just posted what I wanted, I tend to be shy and self-conscious. I didn't want to disappoint my fans. Creating a second account was the best thing I ever did. Without feeling guilty, I was able to stretch my artistic wings. While originally this account was meant to feature lit, it has grown to so much more. I actually feel more at home here than my main account--though I still love both. I guess the difference is that I feel I have to keep up a certain level on the other account. I can wear my hair down here.

Oh, right, this was supposed to be about my art journey...

OC - Ulysses David by mirz-alt Vampire Princess by mirz-alt Roella Pixel Portrait - Prize by mirz-alt
Aside from lit, I wanted to use this account to pursue pixel dolling, which I had always loved, but never really dabbled in. I have come a long way. My first dolls were awful--pillow-shaded and blah. But I am still proud of them. Seeing the progression from the first doll on the left, to a later doll, to my last pixel portrait, it's very cool to see my growth. That said, the one thing I love the most is that I have found my pixel style. It is a bit cell-shaded cartoony, on-purpose. Probably not technically correct, but it is my signature and I'm happy with it.

Relativity Theme Song by mirz-alt
During my time on dA, I have gotten more confidence in my strong areas, like pixelling. However, I have tried so many new things. One was song-writing. I've composed the lyrics to several songs, and even wrote a melody for my fiction series (which I commissioned into a formal orchestration). Being around creative people helps breed creativity. It's infectious in the best of ways.

Flame Charger by mirz-alt
My most recent foray into an artform is photo-manipulation. While I dabbled in the past, this scared me so much. I don't have a good art program, and the dynamics kinda escaped me. But as I am learning more, I'm doing more and getting excited to see where it will take me in the future.

In Search of the Liber Seed   "Have you ever seen a girl's boobs?"
   Andy lurched forward, coughing as soda shot out his nose. The action caused Tony to roll back in laughter.
   Managing to compose himself, the ginger-haired boy ran his arm across his face. "Why do you want to know that?"
   "I dunno. Just curious." Tony turned to his other friend. "What about you, Mikey?"
   Michael felt heat rush to his cheeks. It wasn't the question that embarrassed him, but his answer. "No, not real ones. I've seen them in Playboy, though."
   Tony sat up straight. "How do you get dirty magazines? My dad doesn't even get them. I have to sneak them when my uncle comes over."
   Fiddling with the pull-tie on his jacket, Michael shrugged. "Some of the kids bring them into school and let me look at them."
   With a snort, Tony crossed his arms. "Why aren't I getting in on that action?"

Of course, my lit. deviantART did not show me how to be a writer. However, being here showed me how to be a better writer. I was so proud of many of my earlier pieces, but when I did a hard-edit a few years later, I was surprised how much I saw wrong. I learned to be brutal with myself, and how to do the best for the story. I do not feel my series would be as strong as it is had I not had the inspiration and feedback of my fans, and had been exposed to people like raspil, LadyLincoln, and vespera (among others) who inspired me to push myself and make my writing the best.

So, there's my story. Link me to yours below. I'd love to read it.

Fella Birthday Dance by Mirz123

Skin by SimplySilent

Who would win in a chess game? 

21 deviants said Yule by Cuvey by mirzjiles Yule
9 deviants said General Tauro Lira by Bri-Cx by mirzjiles General Lira

Helpful Lit Things

Since I'm no expert, I try to learn new things and find handy resources to help me in my writing. I like to share some of my best-finds in the hopes they will help you, too.

Writer Resources and MoreWhen poking around for stuff on my own, I sometimes come across things I think other writers may find useful. While it's fine to tweet and write polls about them, I figure it would be more helpful if I started a journal and kept a running list. Would help me to keep track of them, too. I'll update this when I find new  things.
:bulletblack: Peeking in with a quick quote...
“If you’re a writer, your first duty, a duty you owe to yourself and your readers, and to your writing itself, is to become wonderful. To become the best writer you can possibly be.” ~ Theodora Goss
You need to keep learning, growing. You need to learn how to do it well. A well written story is kick-ass, no matter how you look at it.
:bulletblack: As a bit of a follow-up to the Cheat-Sheet I linked below. This is a great articles that talk about the usage of body language and facial expressions, as well as their over-use. It's a great companion to the other piece as it g
Resources, Sites and StuffHere is a collection of bits and pieces I have found that may prove useful for writers. Some are links to website, some memes and graphics, other miscellaneous stuff.
Memes, Graphics & More

Helpful Links & Resources
:bulletwhite: Oh, Baby Names - Great resource for writers, and all around fun. Baby name sites are good for coming up with names for characters. But this site is one of the best I’ve found, offering a plethora of historical information and meaning for each name. An awesome find worth a look and bookmark.
:bulletwhite: English History Authors Blog - If you are writing historical fiction, this blog is worth a look. Nice articles on writing the genre, as well as facts about the period to make your writing more believable.

My Article Series


The Literary Compass is an article series featuring novels and fictions series with a dA base. Volume 15 takes us to the urban-fantasy world of Al Senia, featured in the novel, "Al Senia: The Last Crystal" written by Justus Manglius (justMANGO).

My News Features focus primarily on showcasing the works of various artists around deviantART. On this account, I feature more thematic articles, focusing on more niche genres. Here are some of my recent articles:

Artists of Relativity - Vol. 14A monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.
This issue: :iconjen-and-kris:
:bulletblack: Relativity Art

:bulletblack: Other Art by jen-and-kris

    Freya's Falcon necklace by jen-and-kris
Juration. by jen-and-kris :thumb373
Are You Super? - Vol. 11 (Super Issue)A news series which will feature superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.
:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital
Commission- Major Glory by blaneblue Lady Lawful: Magic Trick by Yes-I-DiD Lady Matina by Raphaella Prism commission by shamserg Evil Supergirl by Spacecowboytv Princess Donna Troy by SebbyWhite Sleep Tight by redlacedbird Namor the Submariner PSC card by JonHughes Captain America by jasric Winter Soldier by TheBabman Thor the Norse God - stage 4 by m0zch0ps Flame In The Rain by SirTiefling Powered Omega by ArTGutierrez 3D Green Goblin by TargetView Wannabe Pixel ID by DaleNorvell Mary Jane by LazerBat Don't make her angry... by Fahu Loki by Dascia The Batman! by Firebrander diva,fuji,hellstrike by earache-J Logan by Yenga Jason Todd aka Red Hood by kola411 'Wanna know how I got these scars?' by NurseRozetta95 Run Batwoman, Run! by AviKishundat  Super Treats by NaBHaN Armed n' Dangerous by Altalamatox Avengers Gowns: Coulson, Fury, and Hill by kelseymichele Blue Lotus Character Poses by DESPOP Big Bang Theory by HeroforPain Ironman by fruitpunchsamurai89
:bulletwhite: Cosplay
Hear Me Roar by Rei-Doll Power Girl 2 by GraceyDarling Eye of the Storm by kidremington The Incredibles... and Edna by eatsleepbroadway Nightwing Cosplay 001 by Joekerr66 :thumb2965



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