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RELATIVITY is a comic fiction serial. Based around "Team Torrent" a group of 4 superheroes who defend Gale City. The difference between this series and most superhero works is that it focuses primarily on the people behind the mask. It follows their lives and how they juggle day to day living while donning a costume to fight crime at night.

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Current Relativity - Episode 34

COLD CASE -- An unseasonably cold winter brings more than just harsh weather. A series of strange crimes piques the interest of the heroes. As the team investigates the newest threat, little do they know that a greater evil looms just below the surface--one that is being pursued by one of their own. As tensions mount, and the elements become fierce, it's up to Gale's protectors to keep the city safe, at whatever cost. -- Click to Read

Our First Ever Comment Contest

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 8:25 AM
:happybounce: As many of you know, around August-October, we host a yearly Relativity art contest. We must delay the contest this year due to personal issues and other commitments that we want to get through. But, we didn't just want to let our anniversary pass without doing something.

We are going to have a comment contest! The nice thing about this is that EVERYONE can enter, even if you are not good at art or writing. The only thing you need to do is leave comments. There will be two categories: ART and STORIES. Each category will have slightly different rules, so pay attention. You MAY enter both categories. The idea is to leave comments on Relativity artwork and/or stories. Everyone who qualifies will be entered into a drawing to win points prizes. We also have a special grand-prize up for grabs.

:bulletorange: RULES

All comments must be NEW. You cannot enter with old comments. They must have been posted on or after October 24, 2014 to qualify.

--> ART COMMENTS -- We want our artists to get some comment love! :heart:

1. To enter, you must leave at least THREE (3) comments on art pieces featured in the RelativityComic gallery. For each additional THREE (3) comments, you will receive an additional number in the drawing. You can have a max of 5 spots in the drawing (that's 15 comments in all).

2. You must link to the comments in a reply to this journal so we can read them and make sure they qualify.

3. Comments must have some substance. They cannot simply be 2-3 words. They should tell the artist why you like the piece and discuss elements of the art. It doesn't have to be a full paragraph, but at least a sentence or two.  Of course, you can write more, if you'd like!

:pointr: "Cool picture!" is not acceptable

:pointr: "This is a nice picture. I like how you used shades of gray and blue and the way you did the lighting." is an example of an acceptable comment.  Of course, if you write more, all the better.

4. Since there are many pieces in our gallery which have little or no comments, we will award random bonus prizes to players who comment on lesser-known art pieces and artists.


Since reading is a bit more involved, the requirements are a bit looser:

1. To enter, you must leave at least TWO (2) comments on writing pieces. Everything is included, which means cross-overs and AU stories count. For each additional TWO (2) comments, you will receive another number in the drawing. You can have a max of 5 spots (meaning 10 comments).

2. You must link to the comments in a reply to this journal so we can read them.

3. Comments must be meaningful. There are occasions where a reader will skim the story, or just read the end, and will comment, but it's clear by the context they didn't read the story. If you don't have time or interest to really read, then please just enter the art contest. 

The positive thing about this is that any new comment which has substance counts. So, if you already read the story and commented, you can leave a new comment (perhaps discussing something you didn't before). Or, if you read the story in the past and didn't comment at that time, you can do it now and get a chance to win a prize!

:bulletorange: PRIZES!

OKAY, so on to the prizes. One set will be rewarded to each category (so there will be 2 "1st Place" winners, etc):

1st place - 800 points

2nd place - 400 points

3rd place - 200 points

--> SPECIAL PRIZE - For everyone who contributes the max comments (15 on the art and/or 10 on the writing) will be entered into a second drawing for the special grand prize: a color sketch portrait from our wonder cover-artist, FranciscoETCHART. So, if you would like to see your OC in his style, this is the contest to join! The sketch will be similar to one of these; Fetch will decide what medium he will use for the piece once the winner is announced. Note: this prize is being commissions and paid for by us for this contest. :eager:

COPIC sketch 24 CHEETARAH by FranciscoETCHART Do you remember LOVE by FranciscoETCHART KING of the 3rd planet by FranciscoETCHART

:bulletorange: DEADLINE

The contest will for approximately three weeks. It will begin on October 24 and end at 11:59 pm CST on November 15, 2015.

:bulletorange: PIMP THE CONTEST

To help spread the word, we are having a mini-drawing for 200 points. All you have to do is advertise this contest in your poll or journal. Post a link in the comments and we'll enter you into the mini-drawing!

We know that sometimes contest rules can be confusing. So, if you have any questions, post them below and we'll be happy to answer them. So, good luck and happy commenting!

Note that this is the current prize list. More prizes may be added. :eyes:


Journal skin by Ravenswd

Epicness x 2

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 8:37 PM
RELATIVITY_Cover book5 by FranciscoETCHART

This is the art for the cover to Book 5: Friends & Foes. To say we are happy with this is a gross under-statement. Fetch never ceases to amaze me with his awesome skill. There is always so much to look at in his painting, and this cover is no exception. His art is just such a lifeblood to our series. We cannot thank him enough for his work and his dedication to Relativity.

And, as promised! Vincent! (and Daniel). Cold Case is a great story with lots of suspense, some humor, and vampires. What more could you want?

Still sorta-kinda MIA, but hopeful to kick back into things more this weekend. :heart:

Journal skin by Ravenswd



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