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RELATIVITY is a comic fiction serial. Based around "Team Torrent" a group of 4 superheroes who defend Gale City. The difference between this series and most superhero works is that it focuses primarily on the people behind the mask. It follows their lives and how they juggle day to day living while donning a costume to fight crime at night.

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Current Relativity - Episode 34

COLD CASE -- An unseasonably cold winter brings more than just harsh weather. A series of strange crimes piques the interest of the heroes. As the team investigates the newest threat, little do they know that a greater evil looms just below the surface--one that is being pursued by one of their own. As tensions mount, and the elements become fierce, it's up to Gale's protectors to keep the city safe, at whatever cost. -- Click to Read

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Happy Birthday Relativity

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 12:00 AM
Relativity Heroes by ThreshTheSky

The first Relativity story was published on October 24, 2011. However, we didn't "flip the switch" and formally start the various aspects of the series until about a week later. So, for simplicity, we have deemed its birthday as October 31st. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want to share their birthday with Halloween. :D

Last year on our anniversary, we had an art fest to celebrate year 2. With the premier of a new book-cover, new music piece, and much more, it was a pretty wild ride and it was a blast revealing all the new stuff. Things have held steady over the last year. Unfortunately, we just couldn't swing another big art blitzkrieg this time.  However, we figured we should do something to commemorate the moment. vespera suggested that we do some kind of retrospective, talking about how we started the series. While we have shared that story several times, I did like the idea of a look-back. So that's what we plan to do with this journal.

We link to a lot of stuff, so feel free to browse.

:bulletblue: STORIES - In 36 months we have published 34 episodes, including Episode 1 which is novel length. That's nearly 1 episode a month. In addition, we've written 14 side-stories, as well as numerous alternate-universe and cross-over stories. That's 50+ stories all together. An achievement we're quite proud of.  Here"s our 1st and current episodes, one of our recent side-stories, as well as our most well-known cross-over and collaboration.

Lost and Found Scene 1 - Relativity Episode 1The light above the vanity flickered, throwing the room into a series of shadows. Babs Stone tapped the plastic casing with her finger, hoping to jiggle the bulb back into place. The room fell into complete darkness. After a moment, the light snapped back on, shining bright and steady. The prostitute leaned back towards the mirror.
Pulling up her chin, Babs checked her throat carefully. While she didn’t have a policy against rough stuff, she didn’t like when her clients left marks. It made it difficult when picking up another john, not to mention she simply didn’t like bruising on her neck. Satisfied, she tousled her long platinum blonde hair so it framed her face, then twisted open a cylinder of Fire Engine Red and  smeared it across her lips. She could hear shuffling and smiled at the thought of the man on the other side of the door.
While she had several regulars, Babs liked Denny the best. He was always clean and smelled nice. More than that, he always called
  Cold Case: Part 1 - Relativity Episode 34   A sharp wind blew in from the north, off the lake. Even though Dark Flame was wearing thermal underwear, a heavy flannel sweater, and her insulated uniform, the air cut through it like a knife. She wrapped her arms around herself and grimaced.
   "This feels more like January than mid-December. I'm afraid of what it's gonna be like in a few weeks."
   Overcast hurried his steps to keep up with her. "You never know. It may end up mild. We had a winter like that a few years back."
   It was a Friday night, which was usually brisk for crime. Despite being out for two hours, they had only run into one incident of disorderly conduct. The police scanner had only sounded twice, reporting similarly minor occurrences which law enforcement were able to handle themselves.
   "It's too cold for crime," she said. "We should head back."
   "Blizzard wanted us out until at least midnight, remember?" He pointe
Tempest: Part 1   Matthew Bruce stood by the drafting table and studied the blueprints. The plans were for a shopping center being built in the East End neighborhood. A typical strip mall, there was nothing spectacular about the design and everything looked all right on the drawing. Scribbling a few notes on his pad, he tossed it down and headed back to his desk.
   The clock read 3 o'clock. It was a strange time in both his personal and professional lives. Though summer was typically when construction was in full swing, the economy had dipped into a recession, so investors were gun-shy and new projects were running slow. Crime-wise, the streets were quiet. He had busted the Marauder gang a few weeks earlier and the underworld was still reeling. Dubious activity was light and the streets were quiet. At any other time, he would use such a lull as an opportunity to pursue extra-curricular activities. However, Maggie was out of town with David, returning to Africa for a mon
  Storm Clouds Over Gotham - Pt 1The street was dark, save for the sole street light at the end of the block. Filled with deep shadows and almost endless hiding places, it was the perfect spot for a criminal to escape into.
Team Torrent had been tracking the Criminal for nearly a month.  His wave of petty burglaries had slowly escalated to bigger robberies, and on this night, murder.  The group of three had managed to confront him about four blocks from where they had found the downed police officer, his throat slit.  The costumed hood had managed to create a diversion and had made a beeline here.  Somewhere in the darkness, he was hiding.
The Black Torrent pulled out a high powered flashlight, the white stream cutting through the blackness like a knife.  He did a wide sweep, focusing on tight corners and large piles of debris.
"We know you're in here, Criminal," Overcast growled, malice in his voice.  The man had managed to get a good punch in on the private eye and he was none too happy
  When Worlds Collide - Chapter 1 - Arrival
  A strong wind blew in from the north. The Black Torrent shivered and pulled his cape around himself. For a late May evening, it was unseasonably cold. The change of weather had come on quite suddenly and it almost seemed there was something more in the air than a mere chill. Breaking into a run, he hoped the movement would warm him. He darted to the edge of the building and leapt over to the next rooftop. As his feet hit the slate, a buzzing came from his belt. He pulled out the small communicator, recognizing the code for Officer Derek Blake. He switched on the device.
 "Torrent here."
 "Hey, we were wondering if you could come down to Fifth and Clark. We have a kid here and we're not sure what to do with her."
 Glancing at his watch, he grimaced. It was nearly 2 a.m. "I'm not covering that area tonight," he said, even though he was already heading to the location.
 "I know. But...well, you'll see when you get here."
 It took Torrent twenty minutes to m

:bulletblue: OUR STORY - We've shared many of the details on how we began the series, as well as chatting about it in general in numerous articles. We've also received a few amazing features we're very proud of. If you want to know how we started the series, why we do certain things, as well as our favorite characters, here's a few of our favorite pieces to help you get those answers:

WELCOME TO RELATIVITYClick on the image below to enter the issue.

:iconrelativitycomic: created by :iconmirz-alt: and :iconRavenswd:
Deviants included in this feature:
Voice Acting
:iconThe-Assasinator: :iconCubicInsanity: :iconjdbrice: :iconmaryneim: :iconchazzravenelle: :iconthatguyinyourcereal:
:iconaimee5: :iconfranciscoetchart: :iconAstralMuffin: :iconpiccolaria: :iconThreshTheSky: :iconjanjanita: :iconSmoludozerka: :iconJen-and-Kris: :icontoviorogers: :iconfee-absinthe: :iconfdasuarez: :iconbobihartanto: :iconinamax: :iconmaryneim: :iconkuroutadori: :iconvo09: :iconcaptain-savvy: :iconm-i-d-s: :iconshamserg: :iconsayara-s: :iconsirtiefling: :iconcolormymemory: :iconawsumz: :iconeninaj27: :iconthiefoworld: :icondestinyfall: :iconvelnna: :iconalphalunatic: :iconfayerin: :iconkregl: :iconsarasaeed95: :icontrisste: :iconliberlibelula: :iconeeren: :iconbrittanycomeaux: :iconstacyraven: :iconknow-kname: :iconlo
  dAuthors Volume VII: RelativityAll over deviantArt there are countless novel projects and authors awaiting readers. Some of these projects are better known than others, but as a novelist myself, the importance of growth on these projects and support for them is very important. After a lovely interview on my novel project put together by Dandi-Lions, I got to thinking of starting a new feature project on the first of each month, highlighting and celebrating the vast variety of novels and their authors that are on the site! My hopes are to bring awareness to some of the many wonderful full-length and in-progress longer works here on dA, as well as hopefully get them some new readers.
Now, for my seventh volume's feature, I present the ever talented (and the first time featuring two authors at once):
:squee: :iconmirz-alt: & :iconravenswd: mirz-alt & Ravenswd :squee:
They are the authors of the in-progress series Relativity.

Literary Compass - Vol. 7Welcome
If one is looking for Literature, you don't need to go far on deviantART. There is a large community of writers and a plethora of work to peruse. Featuring  genres such as fantasy, mystery, horror, and romance, one would be hard-pressed to find an area not covered. However, due to the nature of the site, shorter works tend to get more focus. It's easier to quickly read a poem or a short story, and thus many of the feature articles on dA showcase those works. However, there are many novelists and serial writers among the mix, oftentimes fighting an uphill battle to have their works seen and appreciated.
With that in mind, I have started an article to spotlight some of those artists and their literary-worlds. The works covered in this feature will exclusively be long-form fiction such as novels, trilogies, etc., or fiction serials.
Editor's Note: Some people feel it is questionable when a writer who publishes an article series features their own work. Mir
  Mirz123 & RelativityComic May ~ 2012We at DevNews choose 1 deviant from the community. This deviant has to be an outstanding deviant in the community, someone who cares about others and the community! Someone we identify as a leader in the community.
This deviant can be anyone, anywhere on dA.

This month, we award it to someone we believe is an outstanding deviant in the community!
:spotlight-left: Deviant of the Month Mirz123  :spotlight-right:
1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a working mom from the Chicago-area who creates art in my spare time. dA is a family affair and several of my family members, including my husband are part of the site.
2. How did you discover deviantART, and what made you stay?
I had known about deviantART for years, primarily in my search for vectors, smilies and pixel-art. I even opened an account in the hopes of promoting my webcomic, but never used it.  It was actually my daughter, :devrandomypu
  Relativity MemesSince I occasionally do memes with a Relativity theme, I thought I would move them to their own journals so fans of the series could find them easier and have them all easily accessible.
:bulletblack: January 2014
Tagged by the sweet Justyne
Facts about your OCs. I'm answering for the Bruce clan from my Relativity series: Blue = Michael, Pink = Sara, Green = Yule (Warning, this one is long, 60 questions. There are other shorter memes further down in this journal.)
1: What's your OCs favorite color?
2: Where does your OC work?
Michael is CEO of a real estate company that has a wide range of subsidiaries, including real estate acquisition, development, and a line of hotels/resorts.
Sara is the administrator of a group home (i.e. orphanage), which also houses a runaway center and low-income clinic.
Yule is officially COO of the Bruce empire. But, at the end of the day, he pretty much oversees all of the operations at the various companies and subsidiaries.
3: What's y

:bulletblue: ART - Over the past 3 years, we have acquired hundreds of pieces of art, from commissions, to trades, to gifts. While this does amount to quite a bit of a financial expenditure, art is our #1 marketing tool. Though, we must admit, we've been very fortunate (and thankful) to have found so many great deals on art, as well as having had so many artists work with us on pricing to help us continue to promote the series graphically. Aside from being a business investment, art has also been a huge source of inspiration, beyond what we ever imagined. We have so many many favorite pieces. Below are just a handful to show off the wide range of style and talent which grace our gallery.

Sara Wolff commission by phil-cho The Relativity II by Maryneim  Isabelle Suarez by Astral-Muffin by mirzjiles Trevor By Liberlibelula by mirzjiles RELATIVITY by FranciscoETCHART  Koko by ThreshTheSkyRelativity by meago

:bulletblue: ARTISTS - We have worked with dozens upon dozens of artists, some who have become "regulars" on our roster. As a way of promoting the art, and the artists, we've posted numerous articles and features. We have also published 18 editions of our "Artists of Relativity" monthly special, which showcases artists who have done a significant number of art pieces for us and whom we're proud to have (and continue to) work with us.

Artists of Relativity - Vol. 1A monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I wanted also promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work.  This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.
This issue: Astral-Muffin ( formerly ~cuvey )
:bulletblack: Relativity Art

To see the full sets of portraits Astral-Muffin has created to date for the series, click on the thumbs below:

:bulletblack: Other Art by Astral-Muffin
  Artists of Relativity - 2013 RecapArtists of Relativity is a monthly series which features artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. Since December is the time for reflection on the past year and art recaps, we decided to do a retrospective on the artists featured over the past your in the AoR series. Ravenswd and I both chose our all-time favorite pieces from each artist. Note, my "fave" is listed first, and :ravenswd:'s second, plus we give a bit of commentary about them. Also, group admin, Endorell-Taelos poked through each artist's gallery to pick out 4 non-Relativity picks to spotlight.
Note, each one of these artists was featured as the AoR "Artist of the Month" between March and November 2013.
:bulletblack: :iconastral-muffin: Astral-Muffin

Mirz123 - Of all of the pieces that Muffin has does, there is something about Isabelle that
Arts and Commentary - No. 1I do this periodically where I feature some Relativity art with commentary. I am trying to make any type of Relativity features more formal, so I'm going to start numbering them and linking them in the group, making it easier for people to find them.  These will still be regular journals, though. I will not be publishing these as formal articles like the "Artists of Relativity" series, etc.  To see all of the most recent art from the series, check out this folder.

I have long adored the style of oasiswinds and when she opened for low-price commissions a couple months ago, I had to snatch up a few of the hero gang. I love the style of this. I had no idea she would do them in monochrome, but was excited to see Dark Flame done in gold. Her impish look totally fits her.

A simple but fun picture of one of the series' favorite couples. I always get a bit of a kick

:bulletblue: FRIENDS - The number of people we have met through the series is amazing. Many of our artists have become personal friends and we chat well beyond the stories and characters. We have been exposed to so many new things, new cultures, through our work with non-US fans and artists. There are way too many to list here. However, we do want to give a nod to several deviants who have been so important to us, either through art, friendship, or fandom.

:iconfranciscoetchart: :iconcristianaleone: :iconjen-and-kris: :iconsmoludozerka: :iconastral-muffin: :iconliberlibelula: :iconfayerin: :iconthreshthesky: :icondragondoodle: :iconekkimu:
:iconendorell-taelos: :iconnurulkamil: :iconshadowedserenity: :iconc-a-harland: :iconvespera: :iconmikaristar: :icongnewi: :iconhappy-gurl: :iconsparklydest: :iconsilverhammer:

Honestly, I could fill this page with so many other names. I am just listing a very few quickly, off the top of my head, so I apologize if you are not listed (I'm sure I'll kick myself when I think of the people I missed that I really meant to post). But you know I love you all and someday I'm gonna make a big ol' chart with every single one of you, and send a huge cyber-hug to you all!

:bulletblue: FAVORITES - It's so hard to pick favorites of the art. Even harder with the stories, as they all weave into one tale. However, there are a few which are dear to our hearts:

Pressure Cooker: part 1 - Relativity Episode 30   The screen flashed blue, then white. A box appeared in the center, red words flashing.
   Sara banged her fingers on the keyboard. "I just did!" She knew the code by heart, but she checked her notebook, just to be sure. Pressing each letter slowly, she typed the password again.
   "No," she cried, this time slamming her fists down on the keys. "I need to get this report submitted."
   "Maybe you should let an expert try," a voice spoke from across the room.
   "Johnny!" Rushing over, Sara threw her arms around the young man. "I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow."
   "Well, I finished my exams early, so I figured I'd spend an extra day here, since I didn't get to see you at Christmas."
   "I still feel bad about t
  Ghosts of Christmas Past Pt 1 - Relativity   Michael Bruce walked down Barona Avenue. The street was filled with lights, music, and people. A light snowfall drifted from the sky, giving the scene a Norman Rockwell quality. The temperature was in the low 30s and he pulled his wool overcoat tighter around himself as he headed for Saxon's Department Store.
   The largest store chain in Gale, Saxon dressed-up every holiday season, tying their decorations around a different theme. The year before, the store had been covered with statues and lights based on the Nutcracker. This year the theme was "A Christmas Carol." A young boy stood in front of the entrance, a red bucket next to him, ringing a bell. He was dressed in late 1800s clothing and had a cane, just like Tiny Tim.
   "Alms for the poor," he called. "Alms for the poor." As Michael walked past, the child looked at him. "Excuse me, sir? Are you a Cratchit or a Scrooge?"
   Michael stopped and regarded the boy for a m
Master Blankard's Pawn - Relativity episode 20   "I never realized you were so misogynistic."
   Michael grimaced and reached for the coffee carafe. "I am not. I believe women have a right to do anything they want, and I'm certainly not going to object to them being sexually active."
   Yule grabbed a piece of toast and spread jam on it. "But it's different with Sara?"
   Recalling the argument with his sister earlier, Michael bristled. "You know her. She's sweet and naive. I don't want her getting hurt."
   "Sara's a grown woman and can make her own decisions. I trust her judgment."
   "She did date Martin Bling, remember?"
   "I'm know. But I've always felt there was more to that than we know about."
   Michael leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples. "It's probably a good thing we didn't grow up together. I would have beaten up every guy she brought home."
   That made his father laugh.
Rune Returns: Part 1 - Relativity Episode 25   The sound of the small brass bell chimed and Leonard Nolan stepped into the coffee shop. It was mid-morning, so it wasn't too busy. He hoped that would mean he'd have a chance to chat with his favorite barista.
   Adjusting the bag on his shoulder, he walked up to the counter and grimaced. A thin, dark-haired girl with glasses was manning the register.
   "Can I help you?" she asked.
   Glancing at the large white-board which listed the drink offerings, he decided to get daring. "I'll have a mocha, hold the mint."
   A minute later, the girl handed him a cup. Moving to a table at the far end of the room, he pulled out a large book with a green cover. He took a sip of his coffee and started to flip through the pages.
   "Hi, Leonard."
   The custodian looked up, snorting liquid in his surprise. He coughed and held a napkin up to his nose. "Melody. I didn't know you were here."
Bajo el Muerdago: Relativity Episode 29   Sara stared out the large picture window. The snow had finally stopped and Lake Michigan looked magnificent. It wasn't quite cold enough for the water to freeze, so the blue waves contrasted with the brilliance of the white. Normally, such a sight would make her happy...
   But not today.
   Chewing her lip, she looked at the calendar. It was three weeks until Christmas. As much as she had avoided it, she knew the time had come to talk to her husband.
   Greg appeared from the kitchen, two steaming cups in his hands. "Hot cocoa. I used that chocolate my parents gave us at Thanksgiving."
   Forcing a smile, she grabbed a mug and savored the warmth on her fingers. "I told you I was planning a surprise for Christmas, right?"
   "Yeah, you've been pretty secretive about it." He wiggled his eyebrows. "You gonna tell me now?"
   "Actually, I have to tell you about something else, first
Those Who Wander: part 1 - Relativity Episode 33   Melody switched on her turn signal and merged onto the highway. It was early afternoon and traffic was light; only a few other cars were on the road. A white hatchback zipped past and pulled in front of her. It was travelling at a steady pace, but soon it started to veer left, then right. While it didn't cross into another lane, it was rolling back and forth over the line, making it dangerous for anyone to pass.
   "Drunk," she whispered under her breath. She eased up on the accelerator and wondered if she should call the highway hotline.
   Before she could decide, the car jerk sharply to the left. She could see through the back window. The driver was thrashing and jumping out of her seat. A moment later, the car veered sharply to the right and off the road.
   Melody gasped. Thankfully, the surroundings were mostly level and the area beyond the road was a shallow incline to a grassy field, rather than a deep ditch. She pu

:bulletblue: COMMENTS/FEEDBACK/LOVE - Over the years, we have been so fortunate to have a group of loyal readers. While the numbers probably wouldn't make a blip on any official scale (a few hundred overall, with a couple of dozen hardcore fans), every single one means the world to us. We've received such wonderful comments and feedback. Here's a few of our favorites:

:pointr: "I really love these guys already and I'm hooked on your story, I didn't think I would find it this easy to get into or that I would fall for the characters so quickly, but I have- so well done!" Inky-Rose

:pointr: "I love Yule <33 The flawed characters are always the most awesome." ~PetLoverSpy

:pointr: "(Your series) reads like a wonderful goulash of Dick Tracy, Golden age Batman, and Watchmen."

:pointr: "I like that you've taken the time to show each character from two sides, so they are all a lot more complex than just 'here is a good person, here is a bad one.' That's one thing I really love about this series." ~C-A-Harland

:pointr: "You've really built something amazing here. Looking forward to new installments as they come." ~camelopardalisinblue

:pointr: "This freaking episode had me on the edge of my seat the entire time." ~Shadowed-Serenity

:pointr: "I am not a fan of reading literature, in the last 4 years I read 2 books. But I am glad that I read this story, it makes me want to read more of your stories. It is amazing!"

:bulletblue: AND MUCH MORE - The series has seen music, voice-over trailers, and so much more. It's been an amazing ride. Far more exciting than we imagined. We're looking forward to another three years and beyond! Thank you all for your love and support.


:bulletblue: SNEAK PEEK - As a bit of a bonus, here's a sneak peek at what's coming in Book 6. :D

Target Teaser by mirzjiles Commission: Into the Woodland Green by InkyRose Rune by Ekkimu by mirzjiles The Goose an original character commission by k-d-art Bust Commissions - mirz-alt 4 by MinuetteTune Vincent (commission) by Smoludozerka

Journal skin by Ravenswd


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